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Physically, Socially & Spiritually

Get a head start for Ramadan with powerful productivity tips & solutions that prepare you to be at your most productive best during Ramadan and maximise the barakah without burning out, In sha Allah.

Get free tutorials and premium classes on productivity in Islam.

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“I am empowered to
achieve my goals"

Alaa Safieh

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"Overcome your Ramadan challenges & lead a Productive Muslim life..." 


“Alhamdulillah I feel more empowered to achieving my goals. For setting higher and better goals with the real hope that Allah SWT will reward me for all the good I intend insha'Allah.”

“I used to procrastinate a LOT"

I used to procrastinate a LOT. [After the class], I understood the whole system of self-motivation, how it works, and why we get off track. I've learnt a lot, and understanding is the key to changing ;-)

Charradi Houda

“I am more conscious of my Muslim identity"

[My] first reaction [after the class] was [the] ability to think of things in a different new way. Like I started to motivate myself towards things that I might got bored of doing them.

I also, started to organize myself in doing my daily tasks. I defeated the fear inside me which was the source of lacking motivation, [and] raised the feeling of responsibility.

Mohammad Kolia

“I gained a lot. First i became more conscious of my Muslim identity. I also refer to the materials for reminder on my my role as a Muslim in my organisation who is supposed to convey the message of Islam.

[I learned] that work is just a way of Allah’s SWT sustenance for me, that i need to portray my Muslim identity more for people to recognise and emulate, [and] that I need to use my work to contribute to humanity.”

“I defeated the fear inside me"


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Productive Muslim Academy different to Productive Muslim blog?


A: Productive Muslim blog offers free original articles to overcome various productivity issues. However, it is more of a DIY (do it yourself) approach that covers a broader range.

Productive Muslim Academy's free tutorials and paid premium classes are taught online by Abu Productive and/or an expert Productivity Instructor. It is designed for those who are looking to zone in and focus on overcoming specific challenges and break through to the next level of productivity. 



Q: What if I'm already subscribed to the Productive Muslim newsletter? Do I still need to join the Productive Muslim Academy?


A: If you are subscribed to Productive Muslim, you'd be receiving our article emails three times a week plus the ePro on every blessed Friday. Occasionally, you will also receive community announcements or recommendations. 

If you would like to receive additional emails about online tutorials and classes from Productive Muslim Academy, then we advise you to join Productive Muslim Academy. 

Don't worry, we will only email you occasionally when tutorials or classes are released or reopened for enrollment, which we aim to release approximately once a month for your continual growth, In sha Allah. 




"[The class helped me to] understand why we are here, that we are a collective and that we need to work together, and how we can achieve phenomenal results when we set our priorities straight from the very onset."

Jalal Nathoo

“We can achieve phenomenal results"

Join us to learn more about how our Productive Ramadan Online Course Can Help You Have A Transforming, Productive Ramadan!

Click here to be informed of when Productive Ramadan Online Course opens for enrollmentClick here to be informed of when Productive Ramadan Online Course opens for enrollment

Get practical tips and solutions to overcome your Ramadan challenges!

There are three types of people who fast in Ramadan.

  1. Those who lose Ramadan completely, as narrated from Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

    “There are people who fast and get nothing from their fast except hunger, and there are those who pray and get nothing from their prayer but a sleepless night.
    [Hassan (Darussalam)]

  2. Those who merely survive Ramadan, achieving the bare minimum and wishing they could have done more.
  3. Those who accomplish their goals in Ramadan, but feeling exhausted and depleted every step of the way. 


Whichever group you fall into, our upcoming Productive Ramadan Online Course will be packed with practical steps, tips and ideas you can take to:

  • Achieve your Ramadan goals without feeling like you’re merely trying to survive
  • Maintain a balanced life without feeling exhausted or depleted during Ramadan
  • Experience fulfilling personal growth, spiritual renewal and inner transformation

See what past Productive Muslim Academy students have said about our past courses:

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